The most popular meme deep fryer on the appstore!


This wouldn't be the most popular deep fryer on the appstore if you couldn't FRY. You can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, pixellation and sharpness!

Deep Fried Camera

Take live Deep Fried pictures with the built in camera option!


The Warp controller allows you to bump, pinch and swirl your memes to perfection!


With the Edit controller you can add text customizing the size (with just a pinch or zoom), change the font and color!

Custom Assets

You can add in your own image assets to use inside the Edit controller (PNGs included)!

One Folder

All of your masterpieces are saved into the 'Deep Fried Memes' folder!

Mozaic View

All of the images inside your Deep Fried Memes folder are viewable and interactable from the app's home screen!

Made by Alex Barbulescu

Professional iOS Developer. Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.